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Free Counselling

The Health Collective has qualified and experienced counselors and offers 12 free sessions to women on low incomes. This can mean women who are:

  • On a benefit
  • Working part time on low wages
  • Not in paid employment

If you are not eligible for counselling with us we can help you find low cost counselling elsewhere. 

Seeking counselling for rape/sexual abuse or alcohol/drug concerns

If these are the main issues you want to address, we will refer you on to the specialised agencies who work with these issues (HELP / Rape Crisis or Care NZ / CADS). If rape, sexual abuse or addictions have been a part of your history but are not the main reason for seeking counselling this time, then talk with a support worker to discuss how best we can help.

Counselling at the Health Collective

You will be given a regular weekly appointment with your counselor.  Counselling is held in private rooms at the Wellington Women's Health Collective. 

Get in touch to find out more

If you don't know if you are eligible to see us, or are not sure who to talk to, contact us. We will always be pleased to hear from you. You don’t need to be referred - just call, email or text:

  • 04 384 7709
  • info@wwhc.org.nz
  • 022 323 5008



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